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Monument Valley

After another multiple hour drive leaving from Antelope Canyon, we arrived at Monument Valley – an iconic symbol of many American western movies. As we approached Navajo Tribal Park located on the Navajo Nation we were speechless. There isn’t any other place like Monument Valley. You literally feel like you are on a different planet. Stunning views, and the sandstone formations are unreal. We decided to do a scenic 17-mile loop drive in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park on our own. There is a general admission fee, but after that, you are good to go! Remember to take this ride slow easy and admire the views. Soak it all in and take beautiful photographs for a lasting memory (I can’t even remember how many times we stopped, but definitely a lot).

After all, I can admit, it was best part of our southwest journey. I am looking forward to going back again and visiting this amazing place one more time!

Morning view from our hotel in Page, Arizona
Feeling like a cowgirl in a John Wayne’s western movie.Beautiful wild horses. 

On our way back to Las Vegas.