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Roadtrip to Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

After seeing the Grand CanyonΒ I never expected to see anything more beautiful than it. It took us just a few hours to get to our next destination, which was theΒ Horseshoe bend. Β We parked the car, and literally ran as it was just getting dark. I wasn’t sure if we were in the right place, as the parking lot was almost empty. There wasn’t a paved pathway, structures, or anything. We kept walking, but there was nothing else Β surrounding us other than deserted land and a few people taking some pictures in the distance. We walked a bit further, and finally, we made it. An amazing post card like landscape appeared in front of us. It was truly breathtaking. The moment was so amazing, I wanted it to last forever, but we had maybe 20 minutes to enjoy the views as it got dark very quick. Unfortunately, we were forced to go back to the hotel for the night and wait for the next beautiful day.

Roadtrip to Horseshoe Bend, Arizonahorseshoe bend, arizonahorseshoe bend view